R'lamiza 'Riquke' Swiftfoot

Captain of the Cry and the Joy. Founder of Cry Artis Trading Company


  • Wanting trade of various items. Specializes in the sale of Alchemy Supplies and far eastern goods.

  • The need for a blade for hire.


Lami was born in the mountains of Gyr Abania, Where she grew up with her parents and Siblings. Being forced out when the Garleans began their occupation of Ala Mhigo and its surrounding territories. She found herself on a ship and ended up in Limsa Lominsa, As a run of the mill streat rat, alone being seperated from her family. She grew up in the streets, Even if she was born their, She considers herself a Limsan over being a Gyr Abanian.

While she grew up in Limsa, Lami eventually taught herself how to fight, Her preferred method is with a pair of stabbers (Daggers). In which she eventually became a Merc, Doing mostly assassination work for any that would pay her a suitable amount of coin. Though she has left that life behind after she got lucky and found herself her own ship and is able to make a healthy living without needing to resort to such things.


Nameday32nd Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Weight150 ponze
Relationship StatusTaken
Ocupation(s)Trader/Blade for Hire
Skills:Fighting with Various weapons. Barganing/Cooking
QuirksObsessed with Muffins, Short Tempered, Doesn't trust easily